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Amelie Boleyn for Sevenoaks

I am 35 and I currently live in Crockham Hill. Having just graduated from Uni. Westminster with an BA. Hons in International Relations and French, I now negotiate my time between my full time job in Relationship Management in the City for a well known asset management company and looking after my son Ben and my Border Collie, Cosette alongside overseeing our accelerating Green Party branch. When I have spare time, I love to exercise and run, as well as dancing and generally keeping fit.

Although I thrive on the challenge of juggling work and home life, I believe that we are living in a society which represents some serious barriers to our quality of lives in terms of social and environmental justice, and I want to ensure that my son's future is protected from the threat of growing wealth and social inequality and accelerating climate change, impacting our quality of lives and living environment.

I have campaigned with the Green Party for many years, on many issues which I believe must be brought to the fore of public awareness, and highlight the injustices and lies which are being habitually imposed on us for the benefit of a few priviladged individuals, in the backdrop of a particularly confusing web influenced by multi-nantional corporations, the media and misguided politicians.

The Green Party are the only party representing values for the common good, and fight from a grassroots level, with the people for the people and the environment and I am proud to represent Sevenoaks as a part of this fairer ideology.

I want to start seeing more progress for the constituents of Sevenoaks, fighting polices designed to benefit outdated values which no longer have a place in our county, such as dirty energy, lack of affordable housing, lack of efficient public transport... and of course the wider issues such as the continued agenda to sell of our state assets including the retrospective privatisation of the railways and the highly contentious program of asset stripping our NHS to profiteering non-domestic multi-nationals, which of course undermines our sovereignty and integrity as highly regarded state in such a globalised society.

If elected, I promise to fight for what is fair, for the common good and real progress and deliver a much better deal for the constituents of Sevenoaks.

Amelie Boleyn for Sevenoaks


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