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Housing: right type, right place

There is so much wrong with housing policies across Kent and Medway. Social housing waiting lists are rising, the number of empty homes is rising, repossessions are increasing, existing houses are poorly insulated and new housing that doesn't meet the needs of people here is being built on greefield sites. We are campaigning to make housing right for people and for the environment.

With a social housing waiting list of over 9 years in some parts of Kent, other areas that have seen social housing lists double and yet there are around 20,000 empty homes across the county, we believe there is a real and urgent case for bringing empty homes back into use.

Home owners who are unable to meet their mortgage payments and are under threat of repossession should have a right to transfer ownership to the council, in exchange for the right to remain in the home and pay rent as council tenants.

The Local Government Association has backed calls for free insulation of all homes. Their proposals are based on initiatives taken by Green Party councillors in Kirklees. Kent Green Party has written to local councils in Kent and Medway to get them to back the scheme and push the Government into action.

Plans for high levels of house building across Kent must be challenged. We are campaigning for more social and affordable houses but the high volumes plannes for North Kent, Ashford and Maidstone are not necessary.