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Howard Porter for Tonbridge and Malling

Iíve always been concerned about injustice and angered by unfairness but, like most people, I have thought of the environment as something that is simply there. It wasnít until comparatively recently that I put the two together and realised that, in fact, social and environmental justice are two sides of the same coin.

I run my own graphic design business and, during the last 25 or so years, I have worked for many business sectors, both large and small and I know that most people, in all walks of life, just want to earn a decent living without hurting others but we are caught up in contradictory cycle of over consumption of the earth resources on the one hand while, on the other, many still donít have anything like enough.

Maybe Iím a late developer Ė I turned 60 this year Ė but it now seems to me that this is a situation that canít last and we need to do something about it. Thatís why Iím standing for the Green Party. It is the only party that truly understands the link between environmental and social justice and has a raft of practical policies to begin the huge task of putting together a social, economic and political system that is fair to everybody today while ensuring a sustainable environment and economy for future generations as well.

Howard Porter for Tonbridge and Malling


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