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Jolyon Trimingham for Dover and Deal

After leaving school at 16 I found myself a bit lost in London and eventually moved to Paris. From there I successfully applied to go to Oxford University, where at the age of 27 I received a degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics. Most of my working life has been as a freelance Technical Author working in many European countries. In my spare time I took part in direct action campaigns against nuclear power and for rail transport.

It was only in the mid-2000s that I became involved in more conventional politics. After reading the Green Party manifesto I was converted. Since then I have been an active party member standing in local and county elections, sometimes doing quite well. I received 12% of the vote in 2009 County Elections in the seat for Whitstable (where I have lived for the last ten years). Also, I am the Kent Green Party’s International Officer with links to European Greens particularly in the Nord- Pas-de-Calais.

I work in Dover in the Eastern Docks.

Jolyon Trimingham for Dover and Deal


Email: jolyon@

Phone: 01227 266833