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Mandy Rossi for Ashford

Mandy has lived in Ashford for over 15 years, and lived in Kent all her life She is a self-employed training consultant and coach, with her own small business, and holds a Masters degree in Forensic psychology and criminology. Mandy strongly believes that now more than ever a Green alternative is required locally and nationally, focussing specifically on affordable housing, growing the economy and creating jobs that pay a living wage.

Since joining the Greens, Mandy has marched with London Greens against the Badger cull, supported Keith Taylor MEP’s campaign against fracking in Kent and Air Pollution near schools. Is a regular demonstrator, against live exports through Dover and has attended local People’s Assembly meetings supporting Green Party leader Natalie Bennett.

Locally she has campaigned against greenfield development and for improved cycle routes through Ashford, as well as cycling 45 miles to raise money for the Pilgrim’s Hospice. She has supported the local foodbank, and campaigned against the closure of Sure Start Centres in the area and overseen the growth in membership of the local party to what is now a busy active team.

Mandy said: “I am delighted to represent the Green Party and would love to be the voice of Ashford residents in parliament. As a Green MP I will campaign strongly for cheaper transport, cleaner air to breathe and proper jobs that pay a living wage instead of ‘zero hours contracts’.

“We need to protect our NHS, re-nationalise our railways and abolish the bedroom tax. Only the Green Party have the policies to tackle these problems.”