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Mark Lindop for Gravesham

Hi, I am Mark Lindop, and I am proud to be the Green Party candidate for Gravesham.

I am 49 years old, work from home as a trader, and have lived either in or very close to Gravesend all my life, currently residing in Fawkham.

I joined the Green Party about 5 years ago as I was and still am, fed up with the other parties and the Medias drift to the right. The policies that this party proposes are fair and just for all.

The Green Party for me is the only Party that highlights and tries to do something serious about Climate change. But there is now so much more that the Party represents. We are completely opposed to the creeping privatisation of the NHS, which would erode the standard of care. We are the only party that would renationalise the railways. We are the only party totally against dangerous Fracking. And we do not seek to harshly persecute those least able to fight back in society, namely immigrants, asylum seekers, people on benefits and recipients of disability allowances. Instead we demand that big rich companies are paying a fair rate of tax, instead of being allowed to hide billions of pounds from society.

Climate change, Social justice, Real change! Thatís what The Green Party represents, and it would be an honour to represent the people of my town of Gravesend and surrounding villages, in the House of Commons! Mark Lindop.

Mark Lindop for Gravesham



Phone: 01474 700455